I sell the Magic Wand Original.

It used to be called the Hitachi Magic Wand. A legendary massager that has been around since the 70's in the US and Japan is now for sale in the Czech Republic. Its original purpose was to massage back and shoulder muscles as well as fatigued arms or legs, and even to treat the carpal tunnel syndrome or partial fingers and limbs paralysis. However, due to its unprecedented power and strong vibrations, it quickly found its way to the more intimate womanly parts and finally established itself as the world's leading vibrator. Its fame grew over the years and nowadays it's being featured not only in a vast number of adult movies but also in conventional TV series such as Sex And The City and others. For those of you who are not familiar with its function, I am providing links to three NSFW videos: 1, 2, 3. For obvious reasons, watching them at work or with children is strongly discouraged as they contain explicit adult imagery.

The Magic Wand Original is not like the other vibrators. Unless we consider the attachments mentioned in the Accessiories section, its usage is limited to placing its vibrating head onto the body surface only. To achieve its characteristically powerful vibrations, it needs to be plugged directly to the wall electrical socket (meaning it contains no batteries) and to run it outside the US and Japan, it needs a 230 V to 110 V voltage converter. I sell such converter together with every Magic Wand so you can use it all around Europe.

Late Hitachi Magic Wand

In the second quarter of 2013, Hitachi decided to make an upgrade to the long-unchanged version of their HV-250R massager (that's how it was officially called) and the new version bears the designation HV-260. Also, the official name changed from Hitachi Magic Wand to Magic Wand Original. Apart from this, other changes concern mainly the paper box it comes in. The massager itself is only different in a few construction details a normal user will not even notice. After comparing and weighing both versions side by side, I found the new one to be approx. 30 g lighter, a bit stiffer made, a bit quieter, a bit less jerky upon turning on and off and I would say its vibrations are a tad stronger than before, especially at the faster speed. It is still being manufactured by Vibratex, Inc., designed by Hitachi, Ltd., and there is still the same 1 year US warranty as for the previous model.