Frequently asked questions

  1. How do I tell the original from a fake?

    All wands that I sell are true Magic Wand Originals, formerly Hitachi Magic Wands. I regularly purchase them from the USA, never from China (you cannot buy the Magic Wand Original from China anyway).

    The Magic Wand Original cannot officially be exported outside US which is the reason why many counterfeits and fakes have emerged, none of which reaches the quality and vibrations strength of the original. The reasons are many: some are powered by interchangeable batteries, others have a built-in rechargeable battery and have to be recharged in a docking station, others do plug into the wall but have a different motor and head construction, lower mass of the eccentric weight, and there are more deviations from the original construction. Only the relatively heavy Hitachi-designed AC-powered massager with its powerful motor delivers the famously strong vibration. None of the copies matches the preimage.

    I will share more information about particular differences between the original and the fakes on this page later on.

  2. Is there a warranty?

    The Magic Wand Original doesn't have the CE certification for the European 230 V electricity network and cannot officially be sold outside the US market. There is therefore is no warranty outside the US either. The only warranty lies with Vibratex, Inc., the manufacturer, and only in the US. It's a standard 1-year warranty. The US warranty certificate is enclosed with each massager. I can hardly imagine anyone shipping their Magic Wand to the US, though, so the good news is that they don't really break down. Their robust construction is not dissimilar to that of a hand blender. So far the only malfunctions were caused by users who plugged their massagers into the wall sockets directly without the voltage adapter, poured liquid into their units or caused physical damage due to misuse. There is little reason to worry about the warranty. If there is a complaint, I will strive to resolve it to the customer's best satisfaction.

  3. How do I pay?

    I ship using pay-upon-delivery. It is the fastest method, we don't need to wait for a wire transfer to clear and I also bear all risk up to the point of parcel collection. In case of interest I can also do wire transfer or PayPal.

  4. How does shipping work and what is the postage price?

    I use plain boxes made by the Czech Post and I ship using the 'Parcel Delivery to hand' service. The price is 200 CZK (7 EUR) within the Czech Republic, 310 CZK (12 EUR) to Slovakia and ~600 CZK (~22 EUR) to the rest of Europe. In most cases Czech Post delivers on the next business day in the Czech Republic and within three days in Slovakia. I usually manage to ship on the same day of order or the next day if the order comes too late in the afternoon.

  5. Can I use an alternative carrier?

    No. My entire process is setup with Czech Post, I have one of their branch offices in my vicinity and I only have the best experience with them. Besides, I can't let private delivery companies drivers' schedules rule my posting times, which is the only option if using a private carrier. It is convenient for me to drop packages at the post office at time of my choice. Fyi, there has never been a single parcel loss or damage with Czech Post. Whoever's worried, please don't be.

  6. Are you from Prague?