It is very simple to operate the Magic Wand. It has two vibration speeds, low (5,000 rpm) and high (6,000 rpm), between which you choose by switching a simple rocker switch. The switch itself is a good example how to tell a true Magic Wand Original from a fake one: the original has a rather square shape of the blue background under the switch whereas its copies often have this made with very rounded corners or in red colour. Also, on the Magic Wand Original, the Off position is in the middle between the low and high speeds while the copies have it as one of the border positions of the switch.

To be as strong as it is, there are no batteries inside the body of the massager, instead, it plugs directly into the wall socket. It is made for the US 110 V so I am selling a voltage converter together with each Magic Wand. The converter has a standard Euro-plug (type CEE 7/16) which fits sockets in all European countries. The converter's power output is twice that of the Magic Wand - it gives 45 W while the Magic Wand only drains 20 W at its highest speed. As a whole, the pair works together safely and, although the manufacturer advises otherwise, it is absolutely ok to leave the massager plugged to the converter and that to the wall permanently. I sell the converter along with the wand for additional 190 CZK / 7 EUR.

Each unit comes with an English operations guide.