New product: Magic Wand Plus HV-265

From: 28th July 2020

Vibratex, the manufacturer, had decided to include several improvements to their Magic Wand Original, such as quieter operation, four-level, waterproof controls, and overall unification of the body with the more expensive and newer HV-270 Rechargeable. A new wand came to existence in 2019: the HV-265 Magic Wand Plus. Another advantage is the inclusion of the voltage converter right to the power cord, the user only needs a shape plug adaptor to the wall otlet; I give out one with each wand for free. The cord is detachable, even if the wand doesn't work then, it's easier to clean and store. I have tested a few units to see if I like the new wand, and I do .) I am therefore putting it on sale instead of the old model, HV-260 Magic Wand Original, which I am discontinuing. The price of the Plus is the same as of the Original with the voltage converter. Enjoy!

Pleasure: counter-measure

From: 17th March 2020

Dear customers, even during these hardest of times when we are confined to our homes, I won't stop striving to put smiles on your faces. I will therefore continue seeking ways to deliver the wands to you, even if the Czech Post shut down. So far, it's still in operation, as are alternative carriers, so sales are uninterrupted. Don't stockpile flour and keep your serotonins high :) Stay safe.

Merry Christmas 2019

From: 19th December 2019

I am shipping until the very last moment this Christmas. The Czech Post EMS service is a fast method that gets you your wand before 2 p.m. on the next business day, and also offers a weekend delivery so even those of you who waited till the last minute can still safely order the wand. Thanks everyone for your continuous suppost and I wish you happy and calm Christmas :)

Another year has passed

From: 30th November 2017

If you intent to give someone the Magic Wand as a Christmas present, please don't wait with the order for the last minute. As we speak, I am already seeing standard parcels delivery slowdown and in two weeks the same will start happening to Next Day deliveries. Place your orders with enough time buffer. If, however, you only manage to place your order right before Christmas, I will do my best to ship on the same day and we can also use a faster delivery service (EMS). Merry Christmas.

Magic Wand Rechargeable HV-270 on sale

From: 23rd January 2017

I am so happy with the cordless version of the wand that I have decided to have it in my permanent offering. Due to the higher price I don't expect to keep huge stock but I plan on always having a few units ready for immediate shipping. If I ever do run out of them, I am already working on a new order.

Magic Wand Rechargeable HV-270 on sale

From: 10th December 2016

In my last order from the USA I have had two units of the cordless version of the Magic Wand delivered. I have just tested one of them for the first time. If I was to use just one word to describe it, it would be 'luxury'.

The wand looks, feels and behaves more refined than the cable version. The white ball vibration head is made of smooth, soft silicone. The buttons have a smooth feel to them. The vibrations are perfectly dampened, not one bit weaker than the corded wand but they feel way more 'rounded' and less 'technical'. The whole operation is more silent. Everything is better! The materials, the fit and finish, the lack of noise: everything makes you feel this is a higher grade product. I don't have a training in marketing and can't drop a sexy advertisement speech, I still see the wand as a technical device, but I am absolutely thrilled by it.

Key features

  • 4 vibration speeds
  • 4 vibration patterns
  • They can't be combined, there is a total of 8 modes of operation
  • The wand doesn't need a voltage converter, just a shape adaptor for the US plug (which I provide for free)
  • When the battery dies (red LED indication), you just plug it into the wall and it will continue vibrating while charging
  • 2 m long cord
  • 6 cm diameter of the head, same as the cable version
  • Manufactured by Vibratex, Inc., same as the cable version

To get acquainted with it first, I have only bought two units so I'd like to ask patience from anyone who finds me out of wands. I am already working on a new order. I definitely want to have the Magic Wand Rechargeable in my permanent stock. And in my home. It's amazing.

Christmas is coming

From: 3rd December 2016

Because of the sheer bulk of parcels Czech Post faces each year during the Christmas time, I expect that from about half of December the standard next day delivery will stop working and parcels will take longer to reach their recipients. Please do not wait with your order until the last moment if you wish to give the Magic Wand as a Christmas present. If, however, you only manage to place your order right before Christmas, I will do my best to ship on the same day and we can also use a faster delivery service (EMS).

The same applies to units available in stock. The number of orders always rises before Christmas and it may befall that I won't have any units left for late-comers. It is best to order at least slightly in advance or be prepared to only getting your wand after the New Year.

New website

From: 1st December 2016

A new version of the website is launched.